snorkeling trip in tumbatu with jet skes

snorkeling trip in tumbatu with jet skes


Drive your own Jetski, follow the guide and we will take you on an unforgettable journey of jetskiing and sight seeing.

On this trip you first race along the shoreline about 100 meters out from the beach. Zipping passed all of the stunning hotels that are strung out along the coastline. Then head out to the open waters to pass by the peaceful Tumbatu Island, a place that very few visitors get the chance to see. If time permits you may also get a chance to have a quick snorkel on one of the many reefs that you will pass. Then you take a final straight race to return to Kendwa beach to round of the thrilling trip.

This is a great activity to do in a small group of family or friends, satisfy your need for speed with challenging them to a race! Never ridden a Jet Ski before? Don’t worry because the excellent staff will provide you with safety instructions and tips on how to ride. An instructor will take you out to the pontoon where you will get on the Jet Ski and receive your briefing, the instructor will explain about the pre-marked riding areas, control of the Jet Ski, stopping etc.

Then all that is left is to strap on your life jacket and hit the water. Hear the wind whistle in your ears as you race along; pull back the throttle a little more if you want more of a rush. Learn how to turn, go faster and control the Jet Ski in the waves during your rental period; then finish by walking away with a smile on your face.

  •  2011 Yamaha 110 HP 4-Stroke Jet-Skis
  •  Top rated environmentally
  •  Simple to learn and operate
  •  No experience required
  •  Must be 16+ years to drive and 8+ years to ride
  •  The excursion will be approx. 1 hour and 15 min

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