Enjoy your honeymoon with exotic activities

Enjoy your honeymoon with exotic activities

Imagine you on your honeymoon in Zanzibar, and your partner touring and catching glimpses here and there of the atmosphere of the landscape, unique beachside resorts, and the aesthetic nature of the ancient city of Stone Town and many others!Zanzibar is the semi-autonomous town that was formerly a trade route for Arabians who traded spices and slaves through the Indian Ocean. The island is also a renowned ‘Spice Island’. There are several beaches.

The beaches in Zanzibar are characterized by sandy white beaches, turquoise blue ocean with lots of sea creatures like turtles, starfish, and dolphins.

  • Spice Island and Honeymoon Destination

Honeymoon is a time when partners go someplace cozy and chilling so as to enjoy the blessings of becoming a union. It is a special period for the newlyweds and the experience should be remarkably memorable; a Zanzibar honeymoon delivers.Spice Island is the perfect honeymoon destination for several reasons. There are amazing beaches and the historic Stone Town vibes which make any honeymoon experience come alive and memorable. You have different options with unique scenery allowing couples to have fun as well as explore the places. A minimum of seven days is recommended depending on how much of Zanzibar you wish to explore and enjoy.

There are three major reasons anyone would want to visit Zanzibar which are history, interaction, and leisure. The people are quite friendly in such a way that they would make your experience a whole lot more fascinating and enjoyable.

  • Activities on your Honeymoon in Zanzibar

If you want to get the most out of your Zanzibar honeymoon experience you have to combine the best of both the city and the beach. Zanzibar is recognized as an amazing beachside holiday hangout but there are activities in the city to delight honeymooners. These include:

  • Go on a Spice Tour

Zanzibar is renowned as the Spice Island. Honeymooners vacationing in Zanzibar can definitely go on a spice tour to acquire more knowledge about spices if they are foodies. Spice plantations are scattered across Zanzibar, therefore, you get to see what your favorite spices look like in their natural form before they are processed.There are several spices in Zanzibar including black pepper, cloves, cinnamon, and nutmeg. The couples can actually explore these spice plantations on horseback.

  • Shop in Stone Town Endlessly‍

Shopping in Stone Town is an amazing experience for sure because there are plenty of little curios shops selling everything from trinkets and wooden carvings to paintings and even exotic spices.

  • Beach Honeymoon in Spice Island

The beach honeymoon experience in Zanzibar is very remarkable. Spice Island has tons of lovely beachside activities to engage honeymooners. These include:

  • Romantic sailing on the Dhow‍( sunset Cruise Tour)

Sailing the traditional dhow in Zanzibar and watching the sunset is a very delightful experience! Honeymooners at the beachside can board one of the dhows and go on a tour to enjoy the ocean breeze and watching the sunset over the Indian Ocean.

We will make your evening memorable, soothing you with light sea breeze while good staff spoiling you by serving you with varieties of aperitifs’ our experienced Swahili singers will entertain you with their traditional live music.

  • Dolphins tour and Snorkeling‍ at Mnemba reef.

This is one of the fun activities in Zanzibar. The turquoise blue Indian Ocean is perfect for this activity. Not all the parts of Zanzibar water are perfect for snorkeling; Mnemba Island and Nungwi are the good places for snorkeling.

explore the life and beauty that can be found in the turquoise waters of Zanzibar

You might even get the chance to swim with the bottlenose dolphins! (80% chance). For many, swimming with dolphins is a true once in a lifetime experience

visit the beautiful sandbank next to Mnemba. The white sandy beach and clear blue water make your pictures look like the most perfect postcard.

enjoy a delicious Fresh Fruits at Muyuni Beach. After the Fresh Fruits there is time to relax on one of the most beautiful beaches of Zanzibar. You will not want to go back to your hotel.

  • Go To Nakupenda Sandbank

Sandbank picnic in Zanzibar is a full day trip, departs in stone town near serena hotel at around 9:00am and we shall sail you away to prison island (changuu island) where the gaint tortoises found relaxing on the beach shrubs, after the snorkeling tour around the island we ahead to a sandbank where brilliant birdlife exists. Lunch (sea foods and drinks), relax on the sandbank, swim and listening to the birdlife around you and the skippers daughters lapping against the shore.

  • Walking the White Sandy Beach‍

Spice Island beachside is characterized by pristine white sandy beaches. Walking along the beachside hand in hand with your spouse and taking in the moment is all part of the honeymoon charm.

All these completely make your trip more exciting!


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