About us

About us

The Company

Zanzibar Star Tours is an established tour operating services. After possession and a brief period of becoming established, Zanzibar Star Tours will diverse into other ventures to ensure a steady flow of patrons (tourists and locals) through its doors. Zanzibar Star Tours will be equally owned by MR. HATIBU manage and maintain the business and satisfying Zanzibar Island license requirements. Zanzibar star tours and safaris, has been approved and registered under the Zanzibar Commission for tourism and Zanzibar tourism Act. 6 of 2009 and the Zanzibar Tourism Regulation.

Our Services

Zanzibar Star Tours was originally established 2013 and it has believed to have it’s headquarter at Nungwi area in Zanzibar Island. Our slogan will be “for the comfortable day enjoy with us” we need to give enjoyment of Zanzibar its nature. The riches of Tanzania County have always drawn a significant number of tourists to the Zanzibar Island area. In addition to providing information about such locations, we plan to collaborate with tour guides throughout the area by offering packages and special rates.
As the Company becomes established through the peak season, we plan to expand our services to the residents of Zanzibar and Tanzania in time for the off-season.

Our Mission

Zanzibar Star Tours aims to create sustainable tours catering to tourists interests in the local Zanzibari culture, history and environment. We aspire to expand these tours throughout Unguja Island, Zanzibar, continuing to support the local economy through eco-friendly cycling tours.

100% of proceeds go into the locals hands.

Our profession:

We are locals, born and raised in Zanzibar.
We have a wide-ranging knowledge about natural, cultural and historical side of Zanzibar.
We can provide tours in some different languages.
We have a large work experience in touristic sector since more than 10 years.
We will provide every excursion with our heart and soul which offers you a fantastic experience.

  • Zanzibar star tours Has registered and licensed by Zanzibar commission for tourism is authorized to operate under licence: Nr.E.85.2023
  • Zanzibar star tours has Registered with Tanzania Revenue Authority and Assigned Taxpayer Identcation number { TIN }
  • Zanzibar star tours has registered with zanzibar Revenue Boat and has [ ZRB ] Taxpayer Registered number
  • Zanziabar star tours is A Member Of The Zanzibar Association Of Tour Operators {ZATO}

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